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This is the AOL profile everyone is talking about

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It was taken down, but I grabbed a download of it yesterday before it went down. Let's just say, it sure looks like a certain ex-pseudo-reporter who has a penchant for writing stories sucking up to the family values/anti-gay crowd.

As always, more power to you if you have an AOL profile that's really sexy and looks, well, kind of gay. But don't go sucking up to the family values crowd and writing stories defending Santorum's dog-sex comments, then expect people to give you a pass on whether you meet the standards of the very family values your buddies are promoting.

PS Why did Talon News, Gannon's former employer, just remove a SLEW of articles from their archives? Gannon's stories, and other stories on gay issues that weren't even by him, are now all gone? Were those OTHER bylines HIS as well?

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