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SIGNORILE: Gannon refuses to confirm or deny male escort ties

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On his show today on Sirius Satellite Radio, Mike Signorile said that he had a two-hour telephone conversation with Gannon/Guckert late last night (Sunday), most of it off-the-record.

Guckert did respond on-the-record to Mike when asked about allegations that he has been a male hustler by saying, “I’m not going to respond to any of these allegations, because it’s just one more thing out there and you can’t respond to everything, so it’s best not to respond.”

To specific allegations regarding any websites with photos of him in which he sold his services as a male prostitute – and Mike told Gannon he’d heard such evidence could surface this week – Gannon said, “I can’t respond because it’s just one more thing out there…They’re creating so much stuff out there. I have seen copies of emails that were supposed to be from me that were not. There’s a Web site that says I Am Jeff Gannon and it is not mine. I’m not commenting on [these specific websites mentioned] because there’s just so much stuff out there.”

Asked by Mike again about specific sites with his naked photos in which he was alleged to be selling sexual services to men, Gannon said he had no response. When Mike asked if that means “you will neither confirm nor deny,” Mike says Gannon replied “Yes. I’m just not going to address it.”

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