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Quick reflection on Gannon-gate

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Just imagine if some guy with alleged ties to male prostitution were given unprecendented access to the White House, and given a White House press pass that didn't even have his real name on it, in order to throw fake softball questions at the press briefings to help make the president look good.

Now imagine that president were named Bill Clinton.

Now imagine what would happen next?

  • Congressional hearings in the House and Senate.
  • Demands for a Justice Dept. investigation - how did this man get past security, who let him in, what were his ties to these male prostitute URLs, and who else on the White House staff may have been involved?
  • Appointment of a special counsel.
  • Demands for a slew of firings of White House staff.
  • Never-ending questions about Hooker-gate directed to the White House staff and the president from the Washington media.
  • All sorts of questions about what the president's wife knew, and when she knew it.
  • And non-stop 24-hour coverage on CNN and FOX.
Keep that in mind in the next 24 hours when we see how the "liberal" media handles this story, if at all.

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