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More story angles regarding Gannon-gate

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More angles the media needs to cover, and the blogs should consider covering, and you can feel free to weigh in on in the comments.

1. The gay hypocrisy angle, and the growing number of gay Republicans exposed as willing to help promote an anti-gay message. What makes them tick?

2. What must the religious right think of the growing number of gays exposed as working in cahoots with this administration?

3. The bloggers. This story was broken by David Brock at MediaMatters, then Atrios and DailyKos and the kossacks and World O Crap and others jumped into the fray, then me and even more. This is a great illustration of the power of the blogs. What have we learned, what does it mean?

4. Where is the mainstream media? Do you think they'd be this quiet if Clinton asked a potential hooker a question in the White House? If the potential hooker received classified CIA information? Would they be more likely to cover the story if the hooker were a woman?

5. Propaganda White House. This is part of the larger story of this White House using media, and fake media, to impose lies on the American people. Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher, etc.

6. Valerie Plame. What did Gannon know and when did he know it? And did a man with his background, and his meager news outlet, allegedly get access to CIA information?

7. Gannon and the White House. How did a man of his background get regular access to the White House, and have the president call on him? Who helped him out, and why?

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