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Gannon launches a blog!

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UPDATE: Yes, we know this is him because it's the same Web address he was using while working at Talon News, and he answers emails addressed to him at this address. We have other proof as well, this is him. He pulled his site after he resigned. He's now relaunched it, with a vengeance apparently. I can't imagine Karl Rove is very happy right now.

He's out of his mind.

Ok, I'm reading Jeff Gannon's new blog, and it's simply amazing. Some of the best tidbits I've already found:

Jeff says: Immediately the questions about how I got into the briefing room began to be asked. After all, I had 'no journalistic credentials' despite the fact that I had written over 500 articles for Talon News over a two-year period.

John says: Uh, TODAY you've written over 500 articles, supposedly. The day you walked in the door of the White House, how many had you written? Any? Not to mention, you weren't even working for Talon News when you first walked in the White House as a "journalist."

Jeff says: They dug deep for dirt, dredging up things long past and erecting a fantasy world worthy of a Vince Flynn novel.

John says: Things long past? Like currently LIVE solicitations for prostitution that we found on the Web, still online today?

Jeff says: What they found is domain names and sexy pictures from which sprung rumors and conspiracy theories.

John says: What we found was an entire Web site on which you were apparently selling yourself as an escort - the site included x-rated photos, including an entire series of you urinating. That site remained live for several months AFTER you had started covering the White House. What we found were 7 other online profiles of you selling yourself as a prostitute for $200 an hour and $1200 a weekend, at least one of which is still live today (others were just taken down a few days ago). Which part of this conspiracy theory isn't true? Of course, we don't know because you were asked for comment before the story even ran and you refused to respond, and you still refuse to respond.

Jeff says: If I had been a liberal reporter with the salacious past now attributed to me, I would be the Grand Marshall of the next Gay Pride Parade as well as a media darling, able to give softball interviews.

John says: If you were a liberal reporter you'd have been run out of town by FOX News, the Washington Times, and every single Republican in Congress, and the president would be up for impeachment. If you were a liberal reporter you wouldn't work for, and aid and abet, people who hate you and who want to deny your very humanity.

Jeff says: But because I am a conservative, they continue to try to smear me with allegations of behavior that they otherwise would vigorously defend.

John says: No, Jeff, we wouldn't defend a gay hooker who was writing articles defending Rick Santorum's comments equating gays with man-dog sex, and we wouldn't defend a gay hooker who wrote for a news service that recently referred to Matthew Shepard horrible murder as a "so-called 'hate crime,'" in a clear effort to diminish that horrendous crime.

Jeff says: This is not to say that I have not made mistakes in the past. Like all of us have at one time or another, I made poor choices and exercised bad judgment. But I believe in a forgiving God who changed my life. It was through that renewal that I went on to have a career as a reporter and further blessed to become a White House correspondent.

John says: Really? So, since you now found God and imply that you're born-again, then we can assume that it is NOT you who is currently selling those male prostitution Web addresses, including, on Afternic for $7500 a pop?

Jeff says: The Left is [sic] always celebrates about second chances, except when it comes to conservatives. The only exception to that rule is when a conservative goes over to the dark side, like David Brock did.

John says: I know David Brock. David Brock is my friend. You are no David Brock. David came clean with and about his past. David came clean with the fact that he worked for, and abetted, people who hated who he was, what he was. Have you?

Jeff says: These people may have exposed some of my human failings but they have also revealed their own hypocrisy.

John says: What failings? You just denied them.

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