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BREAKING: Gannon appears to have had a "hard pass" to the White House

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UPDATE: Looks like my caveat at the bottom of this post was correct. I've communicated with two sources who have confirmed that the White House hard pass for correspondents is different than the one Gannon was wearing in that photo. The head shot is in the wrong place, the words, etc. This still begs the question of exactly what ID was he wearing, since it's not clear he was working for anyone at the time.

But how? You can't get one with the FBI background check, and Gannon reportedly never got one, and if he did get one, they obviously didn't do a good one.

Great catch from Gannon appears to be wearing a hard pass, i.e., photo ID, on March 3, 2003, which is reportedly before he started working for Talon News. You can see some kind of photo ID around his neck in this pic the Kossaks found:

It might be possible that this is a second photo ID he had around his neck - for example, I think my reporter friends have photo IDs that prove they're reporters for whatever newspaper - but since we're pretty sure Gannon wasn't working for Talon at the time, then what company's photo ID would he be wearing? Or, was this a White House hard pass, and how did he get it?

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