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Biden refuses to sign Durbin letter re: Gannon

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Raw Story has the latest on the letter Senator Durbin plans to send to the White House, demanding an investigation of the Gannon affair. And the latest is that while numerous senators like Kerry, Reid, and Kennedy are signing the letter, Biden is refusing.

What makes this interesting is that Biden went on Bill Maher last week and CALLED for a congressional investigation. Then he spoke to the SF Chronicle editorial board yesterday and AGAIN called for a congressional investigation. But now that another Senator is actually writing the president and demanding an investigation, Biden won't sign on.

Apparently, we've had some feedback from folks who have called his office to inquire about this - one person writes:

I called his(Senator Biden) office to recheck my facts, his staffer said he wants:
a) a justice department investigation; or
b)a Congressional inquiry/hearings/ judiciary committee hearings.

"He just doesn't want the White House investigating itself" per Biden's staffer at 11:45am today.

This is why he isn't signing Durbin's letter. He still wants an investigation but not the way that letter has it being done. This was a follow up call to the one I posted at the end of the last thread.
I can perhaps understand that reasoning, but Senator, you fight with the letter you've got. This is the letter we have. It's from the leadership. At the current time it's the best letter we're going to get. Rather than haggling over the details while this scandal slips us away from us, and give the appearance of your not supporting your leadership and your grassroots on the Gannon issue, why not just hold your nose and sign the damn letter? The point of the letter is to make a statement of Democratic resolve on the severity of the situation the Gannon scandal presents. It's not to haggle over who does the investigation.

Please, Senator Biden. Some of us have been very impressed by you on TV, even though our friends told us not to trust you. We'd like to trust you. Do the right thing.

Feel free to give the senator a holler:
(202) 224-5042

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