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A better question: What is journalism?

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The LA Times story about Gannon says a lot about the state of the mainstream media (MSM).

Somehow, Ms. Neuman has managed to make the Gannon story about them...and it is, but not the way she thinks.

She said, the MSM is being forced to ask: What is a journalist? Here's a better question for the MSM: what is journalism?

Neuman's piece is a classic example of present day journalism. It's an example of how far the MSM has gone to avoid covering the real issues in Gannongate. When describing the research done on Gannon by bloggers, she uses terms "left wing bloggers" "gay activists" and "bloglust." Her words imply a lack of credibility.

When she writes of Jeff, there are no similar "descriptors" applied to him, GOPUSA or Talon News.

Reporters are trying so hard to be fair, and not piss off the right wing, that they are becoming part of the Right Wing Noise Machine. It's actually frightening. Maybe Ms. Neuman talked to some of bloggers from the "left wing." She didn't talk to John Aravosis, who is apparently consigned to the role of "gay activist" as if Americablog is nothing more.

This is the first major story the LA Times wrote about Gannon and they couldn't interview any of the players who broke the story?

I've said it before, this story played out right under the noses of the media. Jeff/Jim was among them. He essentially mocked them....and continues to do so. Maybe that's why they can't cover the story. It involves self-examination and self-criticism. And, it might involve pissing off the White House. Then, they might not get their Presidential nicknames. That would really suck.

The story seems to be about more whores than we realized.

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