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Religious right group, caught red-handed, drops plans to brainwash Muslim children tsumami victims

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Yeah, now that they got caught they're dropping their plans. But the damage is done, including:

1. Putting all foreign aid, even "foreign" foreign aid, at risk. What Muslim country would EVER allow aid from a Christian country in the future? And how many thousands, if not millions, of disaster victims in the future will suffer because their governments will no longer permit foreign aid as a result of this scandal?

2. Putting all foreign aid workers at risk. Is that aid worker talking to your child a REAL aid worker, or a secret agent out to kidnap your children and convert them to the Great Satan's religion?

3. Jeopardizing citizen donations to disaster relief projects. Do you REALLY know that your donations aren't going to kidnap small children in other countries? After all, how many Americans realize that the Salvation Army is actually a religious right activist organization that lobbies for anti-gay legislation in Washington and the states?

4. Reinforcing the fears that US foreign policy is all about an American crusade against the world, and against Muslims in particular. I mean, Jesus, these freaks chose the largest Muslim country in the world to pull this little stunt in. Kiss our image, or what was left of it, goodbye for good.

5. Making the entire world hate us that much more.

6. Increasing terrorism against Americans. No, I'm not exaggerating. Imagine the terrorist recruiting film you could make out of this little ditty. Sunny day. Massive wave. Muslim moms and dads and kids swim for their lives. Poor little Muslim orphans left crying for their parents. White American Christians, seeing the death of almost 200,000 Muslims as "an opportunity," enter the picture to save the day and kidnap poor Muslim children and brainwash them. I wish I were joking.

And for me, this issue opens up lots of other questions:

1. I doubt this is the first time the religious right has tried to steal children in order to brainwash them into Christianity. Where else have they, or other religious right groups, done this, and are they getting US government money to do this or to support any other of their work?

2. Does the Bush administration condone these kind of actions, and will they support the passage of US laws to stop this fundamentalist traficking in children? Are there any laws on the books already that cover this matter?

3. Who is WorldHelp? Their Web site, to the best of my searching, doesn't include a single name of ANYONE behind the organization. That's rather troubling for a group that collects money from the public, then gets caught spending it in morally questionable ways.

I'm sure there are more questions and observations, but those come to mind right away.

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