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Mission Accomplished

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Well, I just got off the phone with Sony support, and after asking immediately for a supervisor, which several of you had recommended, I informed her that Atrios had posted my plea for help to the top of his site, and that with 100,000 visitors a day, it might be good for them to fix this problem. The supervisor was VERY nice, and she got me on the phone with one of their big tech gurus, a guy they use as the emergency guy. He immediately said it sounded like my hard drive was fried, and he's Fedexing me one directly so I can install it Tuesday morning. As it is the weekend, and I couldn't get a new computer any quicker than that, I accepted the offer and hopefully come Tuesday morning all will be well.

I just wanted to thank you guys for helping out, and to thank Atrios and all of his people as well. In times like this when you just want to crawl in to a hole and scream (or cry) it's nice to know we've got a real community out there willing to help. Thanks again everyone :-)

And now back to the reason we're here - Bush-bashing :-)


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