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Bush: You can't tell the truth, but I can lie

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This is classic. Bush told reporters the key to passing Social Security is to not scare senior citizens while his administration is trying to sell the country a crisis:

"I think two of the things that are going to be important for the members to understand, once they've come to the realization there is a problem, is that no longer can they frighten seniors by saying, if we do this, seniors aren't going to get their checks," he said. "I think it's become pretty clear in people's minds that the issue ... does not revolve around those who have retired or those who are near retirement."
To win, which is all that seems to matter to Bush, he must create the perception of an impending crisis with Social Security. In other words, he needs to scare Americans...again. Problem for him, is that there isn't a crisis and he is being challenged on that. There are fixable problems with the program, but that doesn't change the Bush talking points. It's all crisis, all the time. So, they continue with their campaign of falsehoods while admonishing others not to tell the truth. He takes everything to extremes. No one will tell seniors they won't get their checks, but it is fair to say that Bush wants to cut benefits. Well, that is, if you can believe what his staff is saying.

Actually, according to today's Washington Post, the biggest problem Bush has selling his Social Security plan, may actually be with Republicans.
Many Republicans are expressing reservations about the political wisdom of President Bush's vision for restructuring Social Security, as the White House today intensifies its campaign to restructure the entitlement program for the retired and disabled.

Bush, who relishes challenging the conventional wisdoms of Washington, has privately counseled Republicans that partially privatizing Social Security will be a boon for the GOP and has urged skeptics to hold fire until he builds a public case for change. But several influential Republicans are warning that Bush's plan could backfire on the party in next year's elections, especially if the plan includes cuts in benefits.

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