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BREAKING NEWS: Religious right tsunami relief group kidnaps 300 Muslim orphans, will raise them as Christians

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Holy shit. This one act will so damage our relations in the Muslim world FOR DECADES. These are George Bush's faith-based buddies. They're now stealing children and indoctrinating them.

A Virginia-based missionary group said this week that it has airlifted 300 "tsunami orphans" from the Muslim province of Banda Aceh to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, where it plans to raise them in a Christian children's home.

The missionary group, WorldHelp, is one of dozens of Christian, Muslim and Jewish charities providing humanitarian relief to victims of the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami that devastated countries around the Indian Ocean, taking more than 150,000 lives....

"Normally, Banda Aceh is closed to foreigners and closed to the gospel. But, because of this catastrophe, our partners there are earning the right to be heard and providing entrance for the gospel," WorldHelp said in an appeal for funds on its Web site this week.

The appeal said WorldHelp was working with native-born Christians in Indonesia who want to "plant Christian principles as early as possible" in the 300 Muslim children, all younger than 12, who lost their parents in the tsunami.

"These children are homeless, destitute, traumatized, orphaned, with nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat. If we can place them in a Christian children's home, their faith in Christ could become the foothold to reach the Aceh people," it said.
I am a Christian. THIS is criminal. It also sends a message to foreign countries to NEVER accept foreign disaster aid in the future, meaning millions will suffer as a result of the religious right's selfish viciousness. Is it any wonder India didn't want any foreign help?

Feel free to call the Indonesian Embassy and let them know that not all Americans are kidnapping religious right maniacs who see the death of 170,000 people as an "opportunity".

Embassy of Indonesia in Wash DC
Phone : 202-775-5200
Fax. : 202-775-5365

Email Address :

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