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The skills that made Romney a successful CEO would make him a terrible president

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John reported last night on a new video the Romney campaign released, with Mrs. Romney being interviewed by a Fox affiliate (who else?), titled "Mitt doesn't disdain the poor." (Seriously.)  As Buzzfeed reports, the video was quickly pulled by someone at the Romney campaign who realized that "I am a not a witch (or crook)" videos tend to backfire.  Fortunately Buzzfeed found another copy.

Below is a second video the Romney campaign was thinking of putting out, to show that Mitt doesn't disdain the poor.  For some reason, they pulled this one too.

The video didn't make the cut because Team Romney thought that calling Mitt "your majesty" in public might present problems with swing voters.

Following the recent string of problems for the Romney campaign, I was talking with my wife about how Romney could have been so successful at Bain, while being such a blundering fool as a presidential candidate. At this point, Romney keeps stepping out of one pile of steaming dog dirt and plops right into another. What happened?

There's a good reason there's a shortage of case studies that show successful business people running the country.

The mission of being a partner at Bain, or any large company, is so radically different from managing a country, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Romney's failing at evening running a presidential campaign. Bain's mission was less about creating jobs, and more about enriching Bain. If jobs came (or went) along the way, so be it. But like any other similar company, the goal was always about maximizing payouts for Bain, period.

The mission at Bain was to make money and lots of it. So a cold-hearted focus on money, not people (something that Romney excels at) was an asset, if not a pre-requisite for the job. Romney didn't need to listen to the little people in order to run Bain successfully, and he didn't have to care about them. In the end, it was all about making money for Bain and himself. He called the shots and there was no need to incorporate other views into his plans.

Running for office is completely different. Romney is now showing how little he understands about working with, and listening to, and caring about everyone, even the little people.

Mitt Romney is the least compassionate person that we've seen run for office in a long while, and people can see it, smell it, taste it. Who wants to vote for the guy that you know would fire you in a second if it meant he could make a few more dollars? Hell, Romney fired 47% of the American people the other night in that now-infamous video. Sure, Americans think that something needs to change, but no one thinks they're the problem, and they're certainly not going to vote for the guy who does think that.

Who wants an unsympathetic robot making critical decisions that could have a personal impact on your life?

What person receiving Social Security wants to let a guy like Romney cut those benefits, while giving himself a raise financed by cutting his own taxes even more?

Even worse, Romney is too blind to see that it's the 1% who are doing most of the mooching. But that doesn't compute in Romney's abacus of a mind. His business expertise is clear, and it's not an expertise based on helping others. Romney's Bain experience was all about cashing in for Bain and Mitt.

Don't get me wrong, Romney was damned good at cashing in. And that's exactly why people should be worried about him today. Running a country is radically different than running a company.  People are finally waking up to that reality.

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