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The Specials - Monkey Man & Blank Expression

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This summer has been the cat summer for us. Sushi had to be treated for his hyper-thyroid before our summer vacation and our cat girl (Nasdaq) had surgery just after our vacation. She's now recovering but has the dreaded collar, not to mention bandages on her neck and back.

We have a checkup with the vet later today to see how the healing process is going but she really dislikes the collar and is still a bit unstable walking around with it on. I initially thought that she couldn't properly eat with it on so we took turns feeding her by hand. Then I walked into the room and saw her gorging herself on Sushi's food, the smelly soft food that he now has to eat because of yet another health issue.

The two cats are getting up there (14 and almost 15) so health issues are a fact of life at this point. Fortunately vet costs are a lot less expensive here than in the US but even so, the costs this year have been high. Fingers crossed for a healthy rest of the year.

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