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Team Romney and the GOP are in full damage control mode

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You have to give the GOP credit, they can organize a lie - or 100 of them - like no one else.

As was expected, the Republicans and their propaganda organ, Fox, coordinated a massive defense of Mitt Romney's abject failure as a foreign policy leader by launching a gazillion attacks against President Obama today, pretty much all of them lies.

Here's one big one they're pushing today: Everything went crazy in Libya and Egypt because Obama isn't getting his daily intelligence briefing, instead he's traveling to Vegas! OMG!

Yeah, except it's not true.

Obama is still geting his Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) while on travel, the same way he always gets it on travel, by paper.  The PDB is a written, highly sensitive, intelligence document that the President gets every day.

Oh, but the Republicans say, Obama will be missing the oral briefing by a live person!

Let me tell you about that oral briefing.  It started during the GW Bush years because someone couldn't handle reading his daily briefing like all the other presidents before him, so he made an intelligence officer truck in every day to talk him through it, cuz big words are hard.

So let's not get started on why George Bush needed someone to hold his hand during the briefing and why Barack Obama, like President Bill Clinton, doesn't (and didn't).

But this is just one example of how big of liars the Republicans are, but more importantly, how freaked out they apparently are by Mitt Romney having embarrassed himself over this Libya/Egypt imbroglio.

In debate, we used to call this "spreading."  It didn't matter if your argument was any good, you'd just spit out as many accusations as possible in 8 minutes, in the hope that your opponent couldn't respond to everything, and something would stick.

Mitt Romney has the country scared, the Republicans panicked - so let the spreading begin.  Because after all, if you can't win an election with the truth, then win the Republican way.

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