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Suu Kyi awarded Congressional Gold Medal

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The pro-democracy campaigner was awarded in 2008 but because of house arrest in Myanmar, she was unable to travel to the US for the ceremony. After years of seclusion, Myanmar has been making strong efforts to open up and work with Western governments. Having visited Myanmar and witnessed first hand the state of the country, I was admittedly unconvinced that they would follow through with promises of more openness. Seeing Suu Kyi in Washington gives me some level of hope that things may change over time.

Proof will be determined over many more years but this is good progress. The Guardian:
Aung San Suu Kyi has been presented with the US Congress' highest civilian honour at a ceremony in Washington, describing it as "one of the most moving days of my life."

The Burmese democracy campaigner was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2008 while under a 15-year house arrest for her peaceful struggle against military rule.

Her long-awaited visit to America finally provided an opportunity for her to receive the honour in person in Congress' most majestic setting, beneath the dome of the Capitol and ringed by marble statues of former presidents.

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