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Romney stands by comments that half the country is worthless "victims"

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Unless the President does something incredibly stupid, this campaign is over.

Mitt Romney tonight is standing by his comments, revealed earlier in a secretly recorded via taken at a high-dollar fundraiser, in which the GOP candidate said that half of America - Obama voters - pay no taxes, believe they are victims, don't care for their lives.

Here's a prime snippet from the press conference, above, in which Romney stands by his idiotic comments:
"It's a message which I'm gonna carry, and continue to carry, which is, look, the President's approach is attractive to people who are not paying taxes because frankly my discussion about lowering taxes isn't as attractive to them, and therefore I'm [not] likely to draw them into my campaign as effectively as those who were in the middle. This is really a discussion about, about the political process of winning the election."
So once again Mitt Romney reiterates that the reason voters don't like his policies is because they're not paying enough taxes (guess what he's doing to you after he's election, then) - well, actually, they're not paying any taxes at all, he claims.  What an astoundingly idiotic and offensive thing to claim.  That those of who don't like this man's candidacy simply aren't paying our fair share of taxes.

Romney's right, I'm paying less in taxes today than I did three years ago.  That's because I'm making a lot less money today than I did three years ago.  And it's 1130 at night and I'm still working, so I don't appreciate being called lazy by the Republican presidential candidate.

Mitt Romney really has a propensity, a predilection really, to double down on stupid.

Remember how, after issuing that insane press release trying to take partisan advantage of the death of a State Department official last week (at the time we didn't know it was the ambassador), Romney then went on national TV the next morning, with a back drop intended to look like the White House, and stuck his foot in it even more.

It's a dilemma of his own making.  One of Romney's chief attack points against the President is the lie that the President has apologized for America around the world.  The fact checkers say this isn't true.  But Romney has so cornered himself in on the "no apologies" meme that he can't now apologize himself.

And Romney's own "no apologies" tour is running smack into Romney's other propensity for arrogance, which usually leads to insult.  Whether it's your freshly baked cookies that Romney doesn't approve of, or your entire nation, that inner sphincter that tells someone to STFU just doesn't work in Mitt Romney's case.

And it's leading to a lot of fun, and embarrassment, and a presidential campaign going down in flames.

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