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Romney paying staff twice as much as Obama

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Romney is seriously overpaying his own staff.  That is the only conclusion that you can make after looking at the figures.

The Obama campaign is spending slightly more than the Romney campaign ($4.04 million compared to $4.37 million last month), but the Obama team is much larger. When you look at the results, the Obama team is also much more effective. For a business expert, Romney doesn't get much value out of his investment in his own team.

LA Times:
According to an analysis by the Times Data Desk, part of the Los Angeles Times, the Obama campaign had 901 people on its payroll last month, and paid them a median salary of $3,074 a month, or $36,886 a year.

The Romney campaign, in contrast, had 403 people on its payroll, and paid them a median salary of $6,437 in August, which would mean $77,250 a year.

A Romney campaign official said the median staff salary is actually $51,500 a year. The August payroll may have been inflated by back pay owed to new employees, the official said.
What makes this more eye raising is that the LA Times review does not include the surprisingly high $207,500 bonus money that was handed out to Romney staff last month.

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