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Romney lists USA as a "foreign country" in his tax returns

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I just copied this off of Mitt Romney's own campaign Web site, see below.

Click image to see larger version.

Now some context.  Just this week, Mitt Romney again chose to take something President Obama said out of context in order to try to hurt the President.  This time it was something that even Romney himself had said, but no matter.  And remember how Romney devoted the theme of his convention to an out of context quote from the President, "you didn't build it."  And how Romney's very first campaign ad was the President quoting John McCain saying something stupid, but in the ad Romney made it look like it was Obama who had said the stupid quote.

Mitt Romney is no stranger to lies and quotes out of context.  So he deserves to hear a lot, between now and the election, about how he thinks America is a foreign country.

And considering that Mitt Romney's family moved to Mexico to escape American anti-bigamy laws, and the only reason they came back to the US was to flee the Mexican Revolution, it's no wonder the Romney family finds America a "foreign country."

And don't forget all those foreign countries, and foreign taxes, Mitt Romney chose because America wasn't good enough for Mitt Romney's money.

So in a very real way, Mitt Romney probably thinks America's a foreign country.

Either way, he wrote it.  He owns it.  And had Barack Obama done this, it would be the only thing we'd hear from the Republicans between now and the election.  So have at it.

Kudos to Elizabeth Flock at USNews for catching this.

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