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Romney campaign releases video titled: "Mitt Doesn't Disdain the Poor" (seriously)

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This is for real.  (Click then scroll down, the video is still there - the first version was pulled by the Romney campaign, Buzzfeed has a second version they got from the TV station and it's still live.)

Wow, it sounds like an Onion piece.  Titling it "Mitt doesn't disdain the poor."  What's next?  "Mitt doesn't rip the heads off bunnies?"

If you have to say it, you've already lost.

And using Mrs. Romney again!  She's like the red-shirted characters on Star Trek.  When they show up in a scene you know something bad is about to happen, though in her case it means it's already happened.  To bring her out every single time the campaign makes a disastrous mistake.  At this point she's not fixing the problem anymore, she's telegraphing it.

Buzzfeed reports that the Romney campaign has pulled the video (someone figured out that "I'm really not a monster" (or a witch) videos don't tend to go over terribly well with the voters).  But fortunately, Buzzfeed found a copy via the local TV station itself.

Who needs SNL when you got these guys.

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