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Programming notes: Ring of Fire and Virtually Speaking this weekend

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Two short programming notes:

■ I'll be guesting this weekend on Ring of Fire Radio with Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder. Tune in if you can. The subject will the "billionaire hostile takeover" of the Republican Party.

The program is carried on many radio stations and available via Internet. Broadcast times are usually Saturday afternoon with a Sunday evening repeat.

Click here to find a station. Click here to listen live.

Mike Papantonio recently spoke strongly on that subject, and Chris posted a video. Mike is very passionate and minces no words.

My posts on the subject are listed here.

Virtually Speaking Sundays is a BlogTalkRadio-hosted program of long standing and much value. Every Sunday they invite members of their media panel to discuss the week's news.

I'm fortunate enough to have been invited to join the panel, which includes such notables as Avedon Carol, Cliff Schecter, Dave Johnson, Digby, Marcy Wheeler, Joan McCarter, Dave Dayen, Dave Waldman and Stuart Zechman.

You can access the show here. I'll be on with Jay Ackroyd, Virtually Speaking creator, and Avedon Carol. In the break, Culture of Truth entertainingly offers the most ridiculous moment from that Sunday's talk offerings.

The show is broadcast live at 9:00 EST (6:00 PST) and then available as a podcast.

Virtually Speaking makes an excellent iTunes podcast download. I've been subscribed for years.



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