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Note to progressives: Read Obama's acceptance speech carefully

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Just a fast note as vacation winds to a close. I listened to Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday, expecting to feel very ... Clintonian. I expected him to avoid most of the traps and stroke my inner kitten in the right direction.

Surprise; he laid out the truth of his next term. I thank him for that.

My note to progressives — read that speech carefully. (John has posted it here.)

Like Beethoven's Choral Fantasy, it contains numerous previews and foreshadowings. Listening I found it an eye-opener (OK, ear-opener for literalists).

I won't deconstruct it here, and maybe not until he's re-ascended, using Mr. Romney as a footstool. But do read, while the exhilaration-exhaustion of the DNC is fresh.

I'll be back in full by early Tuesday. Hope everyone had an excellent Labor Week holiday.


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