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Birther Romney adviser in Kansas may remove Obama from ballot in state

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The fact that a Romney adviser is considering removing President Obama from the ballot in Kansas should give everyone pause.  Not simply because the reason for removing the President is the racist "birther" theory that Mitt Romney himself gave a push two just a few weeks ago.  But more importantly, the Republicans, and via his adviser, Mitt Romney, are once again considering whether they can steal an election.

What's amazing is that the Republicans talk a good talk about stealing elections, but when it comes down to it, they always seem to be the only ones making a serious effort at doing just that.  It's called a "tell" in poker, and we've talked about it a number of times here on AMERICAblog.  Republicans accuse Democrats of doing what Republicans are already doing.

It's not just a tell, it's also a way to inoculate themselves.  If you're going to attempt to steal an election, what better way to cover yourself than accuse the guy you're stealing it from of being a thief, first.

Of course, this issue is about more than stealing elections.  It's about the rank racism now permeates the upper levels of the GOP.  Even RNC chair Reince Priebus was called out two weeks ago for pushing racist theories about the President.  Not that they can't also be subtle in their extremism.

The extremism, sadly, goes to the highest reaches of the Republican party.  These are not nice people. They lie about the little things, they lie about the big things, and they can't even get their story right when they try to tell the truth about benign facts like the capital of Libya.  And if you call them out on it, they simply amplify the lie with more voices and an even more outrageous story in the hopes of distracting you from their other lies, and the truth.

When will sane Republicans take back their party from the nutjobs running it at the RNC, in the Congress and in the Romney campaign.

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