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Aravosis on CNN re: Ryan's lies, Tweetie standing up to GOP racists, and facts having a liberal bias

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I went on CNN this morning to talk about the two political conventions, including the topics of the media fact-checkers deciding that Paul Ryan has a difficult time with the truth, and Chris Matthews standing up to RNC chair Reince Priebus' not so subtle racist attacks on the President.

Things got a little heated as the conservative on the panel attempted to shut down any discussion that might differ with her her view that the media is all biased, except Fox - she says they're "real journalists."

And I'm sure Stalin loved Pravda too.

Keep an eye out for the new conservative war on truth talking point that we simply must get rid of "fact-checkers." (You'll note that while the left sometimes disagrees with fact-checkers, the right wants them destroyed.) The fact-checkers did their job and rightfully pointed out that Paul Ryan set a record for lies in his convention keynote.

But a party that basis itself on lies simply cannot permit independent thought, comment, or truth. So the Republican party has waged a decades-long war on the independent judiciary, on the media, and now the political "fact-checkers." On anyone and everyone capable of establishing, or guilty of attempting to establish, an independent truth.

What conservatives don't understand is that the only reason the truth has a liberal bias is because conservatives gave up on the truth years ago, when they realized they couldn't win elections if the public knew the truth about us and about them. They even set up an entire TV network devoted to misinforming the public, Soviet-style.

So keep all of that in mind when you watch this video, and get a first-hand view of how Republicans shut down any discussion and debate that veers from the party lie.

PS I'm loving this comment left by reader Ron Thompson:
If I try to avoid someone who has tried to murder me, I don't think it's fair to say that I have a "bias" against them. The same thing is true of The Truth and conservatives. I think The Truth may have obtained a restraining order prohibiting conservatives from coming any closer to it than a city block. That's why they're never in the same room together. And when they come into contact, as here, it's like matter meeting anti-matter--neither can survive exposure to the other. Problem is, there are millions of conservatives, and only a limited amount of Truth, and we can't use up all of it on minor targets like Jennifer Rubin.

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