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Unchain discussions of race

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I noticed something about Obama during the 2008 campaign. Unlike McCain, Palin, or even to a degree Hillary Clinton, Obama never showed anger. He never got indignant. He had to understand that at the first flash of the feared and loathed "angry black man" it would all be over. So he essentially ran for President with one arm tied behind his back.

In response he was called aloof, weak, and ineffectual. His family was attacked. FOX and Limbaugh feverishly worked to define Michelle as "an angry black woman". But he kept his cool, and he won. Had I been in his shoes there's no way I could have done it. I'm pretty sure precious few among us could've.

Of course, we should note, honest discussions about race and politics are forbidden. Disregard all you've learned about the Southern Strategy, voter suppression, etc. The GOP somehow struck a fabulous deal with the media where despite how racist their words, actions, or policies are we mustn't discuss it. WE MUSTN'T!

When I think about the GOP & media's relationship I picture the GOP in the role of an abusive alcoholic father p*ssing on the Christmas tree. Playing the role of the hysterical shell shocked wife is the media, desperately trying to ignore the dysfunction and pull off THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

I for one am done with the charade and think it's wearing thin with many of us- including Joe Biden. The titanic power struggle between working people and monied interests is a zero-sum game, so when Romney said he wanted to "unchain Wall Street" it begged the question "Where are the chains going?"

In the wake of the Citizens United decision that corporations are people, decades of failed trickle-down policies, the countless laws limiting women's rights- some of which have resulted in women being forced to carry a dead fetus to term, predatory lending, voter suppression efforts, "papers please" laws, it's well past time to begin questioning our freedom.

Slavery happened and economic slavery is real. We're all adults and clutching our collective pearls when it comes up is ridiculous.

The issue of race has never been off limits for Republicans. Let's unchain ourselves and speak freely.


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