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Two guys talking about Social Security and Medicare

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These guys are in "the big club" — both of them. See how friendly?

They're in the club ... but you're not (don't click at work):

Watch these again, in order; both are short.

Protecting Social Security (and the rest of the safety net) from the Big Boys Club will be Job One during the Lame Duck session.

Obama's a charter member of that club, and he'll be off the electoral leash:

Our homework assignment — plan and organize now. Strengthen Social Security, don't weaken it. Put Obama on the record, now:
Mr. Obama. Paul Ryan wants to slash the social safety net. Will promise no cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

Including cuts by raising the retirement age and changing the cost-of-living calculation?

No waffling please — zero cuts period, right? 'Cause if we wanted a waffle, we'd go to Belgium. From you we want an unequivocal answer.

Your friends,
People who will rewrite your legacy if you fail us
Electing the lesser evil is still electing evil. Those of you who believe in "lesser evil voting" have work to do.

Only half of your task is finished in November. The other half is protecting the rest of us from the "lesser evil" guy you voted for.

No waffling please. Obama's been a member of the kill-it-to-save-it club since 2006.

And like Mr. Carlin said, he's coming for it, just like the two nice guys up top.


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