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Today is election day for Darcy Burner in WA-01 primary

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Darcy Burner is a progressive and a candidate for Congress in Washington state's new 1st district.

(Are you in Washington's 1st congressional district? Click here to find out. Or use this searchable map.)

Darcy needs your help. She has a real shot at this one. She lost by just 20,000 votes (out of nearly 400,000 cast) the last time she ran. Your help, either financial or physical, could put her over the top.

She's a true progressive, aggressive and dynamic. That's her in the video below, talking at Netroots Nation 2012. Do listen; it gives a great sense of who she is and her level of commitment to progressive action.

As I wrote at the time:
I was lucky enough to spend over an hour with Ms. Burner one-on-one [at Netroots Nation], just two people talking. She's entirely sincere. This is not a sham.
Darcy's opponent is Suzan DelBene, a classic hyper-rich, self-funded, faux-centrist, Blue-Dog-at-heart "Democrat." DelBene also appears to be guilty of felony violation of election law.

From David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars (my emphasis and paragraphing):
I began looking around recently for the federal Financial Disclosure Statements for the Democratic candidates involved in Washington's 1st Congressional District primary race, the election for which will be next week (but for which mail-in voting is currently under way).

I was particularly interested in digging up the information on Suzan DelBene, the Microsoft gazillionaire who is almost entirely self-financing her campaign this year. Indeed, she just wrote her campaign another $900,000 in checks to pay for all the TV-ad time she's bought and is now blanketing our local media airwaves with here in the Seattle area.

But when I contacted the office the Clerk of the U.S. House, where these statements are filed, I was told that DelBene had not filed any Financial Disclosure Statement for 2011.

This is most peculiar. These statements are in fact required by law -- the Ethics in Government Act of 1978[.]
Neiwert has more, of course.

Will you help
You can't win if you don't try. Will you help a sister? She's doing her best to help you.



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