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Study: Romney's tax cuts will bust the budget

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What's particularly interesting is the study was done in the manner the republicans have been demanding.  From the Washington Post:
The problem is, even when you do take the economic stimulus of tax cuts into account, Romney’s tax reductions still don’t come close to making up for the lost revenue. The Tax Policy Center used a “dynamic scoring” model that factors in the impact of economic growth brought on by tax cuts, devised by Romney adviser and Harvard professor Greg Mankiw and Harvard’s Matt Weinzierl. It’s exactly the kind of analysis that Republicans have been clamoring for, and the TPC finds that Romney’s individual tax cuts wouldn’t come close to paying for themselves. His tax cuts for individuals would spur economic growth that would ultimately bring $53 billion more to the government. But they would still cost the government about $307 billion in revenue, according to the study.

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