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Romney attacking Obama for same Medicare provision Paul Ryan endorsed

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As always when dealing with Mitt Romney, things are a little uncomfortable:
With Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, Mitt Romney’s central argument pushing back against critics of the House budget chief’s Medicare plan is that President Obama cut deep into Medicare under the Affordable Care Act. But Ryan’s plan includes the same cuts, which don’t target beneficiaries.

“Unlike the current president, who has cut Medicare funding by $700 billion, we will preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security,” Romney said Saturday while introducing Ryan.

The trouble with this argument — made frequently by Republicans, including Ryan himself — is that Republicans have voted overwhelmingly for Ryan’s own budget which sustains the Medicare cuts in “Obamacare.” Conservatives argue that Ryan’s plan, unlike the Affordable Care Act, doesn’t use the Medicare savings to fund additional spending.
Add to that the inconvenient fact that Obama didn't cut Medicare, he reduced Medicare waste while preserving the same benefits. And in any case, Paul Ryan did the same thing in his budget. Yet Romney, oddly, still picked him as his VIP.

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