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John Lennon - Instant Karma

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Anyone want to take a guess how many Republicans will talk about the vengeful god who sent a storm yet again towards the GOP convention? Maybe god only is vengeful with Democrats, in their pea-sized brains.

Parisians will start rolling into town today, as the peak vacation season is mostly over. Vacation towns around the country will start shifting back to normal. Next week is likely to still be a slow working week for most, as they pick up the pieces from a few weeks away from the office. The first week of September is when people realize that the December holidays are not that far off and they need to get cracking to wrap everything up for the year.

This year though, there's bound to be plenty of stress due to the recession that is hovering overhead. There's a very high likelihood that the unemployment rate will head up as the year goes on, plus there's the general concern over the state of the eurozone. The markets have been calm this summer and the euro has even gained a few points against the dollar but September may be a different story.

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