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It's official: Arctic ice caps smallest on record

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Scientists expected it to happen soon and now, it's happened. The climate change deniers (also called the Republican Party) will come up with excuses, just as they will come up with silly stories about how natural disasters are messages from god. They're anti-science, anti-learning and as Bill Nye said, they're dangerous for the youth of America.

In the modern industrialized world, it's the US that stands alone in ignorance thanks to the GOP. This has to change. The Independent:
The news that came yesterday should be, environmental campaigners said, a global wake-up call. The ice cap covering the top of the world is now smaller than it has been at any point since scientists started to measure it precisely from space.

Satellite data released last night show that the sea ice floating on the Arctic Ocean has reached a record low, retreating further than it has done since detailed records began more than 30 years ago.

The US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Boulder, Colorado said that the 2007 record was broken on Sunday with two or three weeks of the melt season still remaining, suggesting that this year's sea ice will retreat substantially further than at any time in the satellite era. The snow and ice centre said that the surface area of the Arctic Ocean covered by floating sea ice fell to 4.10 million square kilometres (1.58m square miles), which was 70,000 square kilometres below the previous record minimum of 4.17 square kilometres set in September 2007.

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