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Iowans confused over bizarre statement of "solidarity" from Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan was visiting the Iowa State Fair yesterday when he made a peculiar comment, hoping to show "solidarity" with Iowans.
Ryan also tried to identify with the voters in this battleground state.

“I feel such kindred spirits here,” the Wisconsin congressman, 42, said. “We are united as upper midwesterners, but, you know what it is? At the end of the day, we are Americans.”
Upper midwesterners?

That may be a phrase they use in Wisconsin, Paul Ryan's home state, but I've never heard of it in Illinois, where I was born and raised, and Iowans online tell me they've never heard of it either. One Iowan writes:
I am from Iowa, and I can tell you that there is no such thing as "Upper Midwesterners"
A Wisconsin native goes on to explain the term - and it's not for Iowans:
They do use "Upper" here in Wisconsin John, but only to refer to the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. They also use youpper, to refer to someone who comes from the U.P. of Michigan.....nothing else.
When I asked if this is used to describe Iowans, I was told:
No, that is just Ryan making up his own new words
So, basically, in an effort to bond with Iowans, Paul Ryan used a word to describe them that Iowans have never even heard of.

And who says Paul Ryan isn't the next Sarah Palin? He wouldn't be the first "smart" GOPer who ended up a few fries short of a happy meal.

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