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Comrade Jindal complains Obama isn't giving him enough taxpayer socialism for hurricane damage

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UPDATE: Brian Beutler has uncovered that Jindal is in fact demanding more federal aid than states normally get in these circumstances.  And what's more, he didn't demand the extra aid when Gustav hit when Bush was president, only when a Democrat is president. So he's a commie and a hypocrite.

That crazy socialist governor from the People's Republic of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, and the rest of the Teabagging Republicans are such complete frauds but can't admit it.

They're always glad to complain about handouts - such as when Jindal turned down $90m in stimulus monies meant to help 24,000 unemployed in Louisiana, or when Jindal turned down $300m for high speed rail - but then, when it's politically popular (like during a hurricane) suddenly Jindal is Chairman Mao begging at the people's teet, like Jindal is now doing over federal disaster monies for Hurricane Isaac.

Republicans like Jindal believe that the Bible has all the answers, not science and of course not the government - but the only thing they're praying for right now is more money from Uncle Sam. You know, the kind of handouts and money that they dismiss and blast when it's for others.

Jindal should quit complaining and join the modern world.  Or figure out how to raise his own money.  CBS News:
The White House said Obama informed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal of the emergency declaration in a phone call. The declaration makes federal support available to save lives, protect public health and safety and preserve property in coastal areas.

Jindal, a Republican, shot back late Monday in a letter to the Obama administration that the declaration fell short of the help he was requesting.

"We appreciate your response to our request and your approval," Jindal wrote. "However, the state's original request for federal assistance .... included a request for reimbursement for all emergency protective measures. The federal declaration of emergency only provides for direct federal assistance."
One day someone in Washington needs to call out the crazies like Jindal. If you're going to make a name for yourself ripping science and government taxes they don't ask for them and don't accept them. Why should Jindal dirty his hands with socialist tax dollars that probably came from the Blue States who pay much more into the federal government than they receive. What does the Bible have to say about that?

Let's also not forget that it has been the Republicans who have been chopping the FEMA budget, so Governor Jindal ought to be talking with his GOP friends instead of complaining about the president.

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