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Fox News analyst calls Senate Majority Leader "kook," "congenital liar"

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On Fox, you're only biased if you criticize a conservative.

She's referring to the head of the RNC, Reince Priebus, calling Harry Reid a "dirty liar" for saying that a well-placed Bain source told him that Mitt Romney had paid taxes in ten years. Romney still refuses to release his taxes, which all other presidential candidates before him have done.

What's particularly interesting about Priebus calling Reid a liar is that just yesterday, Priebus tweeted this outright lie that has already been debunked by Politifact, among others:

Actually, Obama is trying to open up voting for everyone, including military - but that particular truth would be inconvenient for the Republicans, so Priebus and Romney simply lie (which is something that apparently the Mormons in particular embrace as a part of their faith, it's called "lying for the lord" - and it's something the Mormons have used to confuse people about their ongoing attempts to forcibly convert the souls of dead Jewish Holocaust victims, among others).

Independent fact-checker Politifact calls Priebus' claim "simply dishonest." But that hasn't stopped Romney and Priebus from repeating the claim over and over again in the hopes to trick our members of the military into voting Republican.  Because at their core, Romney and Priebus think our service members are stupid, gullible, and easily misled.  Heck of a way to treat Americans in combat.

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