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Video: Don't mess with this guy's fruit

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A very funny video of a guy using his computer's camera at work to solve the mystery of why his fruit keeps disappearing from his desk.

This reminds me of the time that I refused to believe Chris and Joelle that their cat, Nasdaq, who's a good 18 pounds and a great lover of food, was not jumping up on the dining room table at night and stealing the other cat's food. (They were putting Sushi's food on the table to keep it away from Nasdaq, who they assumed was too fat to get up on the table with the chairs pushed in.)

Well, it seemed a tad too suspicious to me that Sushi ate all of his food every night while I was asleep - I left out a BIG bowl - and I was even more suspicious one day when Nasdaq didn't finish her breakfast, as if she had eaten already.

So, I found some motion-sensor software for my laptop and set it up overnight to catch Nasdaq in the act. And boy did I. Let's just say that Chris' little cat-girl is slightly more agile than he ever suspected.

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