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Current law allows secret foreign campaign contributions—GOP Sen Blunt is unconcerned

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This is about Citizens United (the centerpiece of Mr. Roberts' Neighborhood); the DISCLOSE Act (which would cast a pale pre-dawn glimmer on the secret campaign-finance doings); and the fact that every Senate Republican filibustered the bill.

(Well, not filibustered, exactly. In Harry Reid's Senate, to "filibuster" means "to announce my intention to filibuster unless you actually make me do it." Because in Harry Reid's Senate, the Democrats would never be rat enough to actually make them perform that painful and disgusting act. Why disgusting? Think catheter.

So Harry Reid, in classic rollover–Democrat style, allows a "gentleman's filibuster" — you can email your intention from the links at St. Andrews, I suppose, and never break stride.)

So every Republican filibustered. As usual, there's a cover story and a real story:

The cover story — "It's just a symbolic vote."

The real story — "Can't go hurting Chinese investment in U.S. elections, can we? After all, that's where the money is."

Would you like a hint of how much money the Chinese are already funneling into the current U.S. election, white-washed through Sheldon Adelson's Macao ("I'm the world's largest casino") gaming empire? Click here.

Back to the DISCLOSE filibuster. Watch Movement Conservative retainer-cum-Senator Roy Blunt deliver the cover story and trip over the real one (the interviewer is Lee Fang of the intrepid Republic Report).

From the transcript:
FANG: One argument that’s made in support of the Disclose Act is that, let’s say a Chinese corporation has a subsidiary here, and it funds a group, you know, Americans for Puppies or whatever, and that group runs ads for lawmakers who support Chinese trade policies.

Do you think Americans have a right to know if a Chinese corporation is doing that sort of thing?

BLUNT: Lee, what I told you was, I think this isn’t a serious legislative issue ... when it’s serious I’ll talk about it like it’s serious.
And there you have it. Chinese money coming into U.S. elections is not a "serious legislative issue" for MoveCon Republicans.

Translation: Why turn off the tap when the water is so cool and refreshing — and ours. Drink up, Mr. Rove.

Just to put things in world-historical perspective. The U.S. does have an industrial policy:
U.S. industrial policy — Enrich global billionaires at the expense of the American people (true for both parties).

Chinese industrial policy — Enrich global billionaires to the benefit of the nation of China.
What do you expect the result to be in, say, two more election cycles? Welcome, Walmart shopper, say I; enjoy those savings while you can.

My point? Just because the Democrats use nice words at election time and sell you out after, doesn't mean the Republicans aren't your enemy. In my view, they're as close to undisguised evil as we've seen in this generation.

Nice to get it on tape.


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