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Tony Blair's political comeback delayed due to anti-war protests

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Where does one go to give the protesters a big hug and thank them for delaying the return of Tony Blair? He will still be back, but humbling this pompous jerk is much appreciated. Much like Bill Clinton, Blair did his best to put a smiley face on doing deals with bankers, showing everyone just how reasonable and with the times the left could be, all while setting up the most destructive recession since the 1930's.

In Blair's case, soon after he left office he took a comfortable position with the sleazy Wall Street power, JPMorgan for millions per year. For everyone else, they were left with the expensive bill and recession due to the banking crisis. While Blair was setting up a hedge fund with equally oily Bill Clinton, the middle class was having to deal with job cuts, services cuts and an faltering economy.

Blair also spent time as the Middle East peace envoy despite playing a key role in the destructive Iraq war. Then there were those disturbing links to Gaddafi, another man not known for peace initiatives. Since leaving office, Blair has padded his bank account to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. In the developing world, I believe that's what the West might call "blatant corruption" but in the West, we simply call it "government."

Due to his long political career of selling others down the river so he could cash in by appearing "moderate", Blair even went as far as lecturing other "leftist" politicians to follow the model that Blair and Clinton used. The long and short of his plan is to be a right winger, but throw in a bone or two for the left so that you appear nice. It worked for Blair and Clinton who partnered closely with the right while unraveling decades of policies that benefited the middle class and poor. The added bonus (for them) was that they both had good business contacts to exploit for retirement purposes.

Just as some delusional Democrats might like to see the return of Bill Clinton, there surely are enough Labour members who would like to see the return of Tony Blair. It's sick and twisted to hope for the return of someone you know will continue picking apart the system to provide even more benefit to the 1%, but some people are happy to be ignorant and accept it.

More from The Independent on the delayed return of the banking industry's best friend and current lobbyist and partner, Tony Blair.
After more than five years of focusing on foreign affairs and his business interests, Tony Blair makes his return to domestic politics tomorrow – 48 hours later than expected.

The former Prime Minister had been due to address Labour activists last night in Lambeth, south London, in an event organised by his long-standing ally Dame Tessa Jowell. But his appearance had to be cancelled at the last moment when anti-war protesters found out about the event and threatened to mount a large demonstration against his presence.

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