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Standing up to GOP extremism

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Check out what happens when a Republican stands up to the crazies in their party's midst. Read the comments below this post from Matt Lewis criticizing Michele Bachmann's racist attack on a top Hillary staffer simply because the woman is Muslim-American.

Here are two samples of the comments - welcome to the modern Republican party:
The DC needs to fire Matt Lewis NOW. His head is so far up his anus he can't see the sun. You will rue the day you excreted the words "if there were such a thing" because we'll bring it up in every article you post.
Of course, maybe it's just survival talking. You don't want to get death threats at 2 am like Robert Spencer does, do you? And you sure don't want to meet Theo Van Gogh's fate. Even being escorted by cops and living in safe houses (like Gert Wilders has to do) is unappealing.
So, how to keep your own skin safe? Deny creeping Sharia. There's a good little dhimmi. The Muslims will kill you last, but kill you they will.
You think that there is no such thing as "creeping Sharia" law?


CAIR may want to know about that.
Whomever is pushing all food to be halal-certified would want to know, too.
Whomever got Christians stoned up in Dearborn, MI, should know that, too.
And oh, don't forget the taxi drivers who refuse to transport blind people or people with alcohol.
Then don't forget whomever is railing for Muslim prayer accomodations in airports, when there are no such accomodations for Jews or Christians or anyone else.
And let's not forget the textbook wars, that expunge the truth about Islam to whitewash it instead, or the public school systems, where children are being indoctrinated as Muslims in role-playing sessions.
And don't forget about Sharia courts which are already in place in Canada and the UK.
And didn't Obama allow a whole host of Muslims to immigrate here a year or so ago? Wonder what that was about.
Then you have Muslim judges that refuse to punish people who attack those expressing their first amendment rights.
Then you have the army of lawyers who are busy carving out special exemptions for Muslims whenever they can.

But I'm sure there's nothing going on.

I mean, it's not like lawfare has any evidence, for it, you know?

It's like you've never read Pamela Geller's blog or something, and you have never heard of Nonie Darwish, Gert Wilders, Theo Van Gogh, or Robert Spencer.

Please educate yourself.

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