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Radical decline in Arctic ice is "at least 70 percent" man-made

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UPDATE: A complete list of climate series pieces is available here:
The Climate series: a reference post.

It's a theme park here at La Maison Chez Nous. The theme — climate catastrophe.

Raw Story and The Guardian have the story (h/t Twitter friend MiroCollas):
The radical decline in sea ice around the Arctic is at least 70% due to human-induced climate change, according to a new study, and may even be up to 95% down to humans – rather higher than scientists had previously thought.

The loss of ice around the Arctic has adverse effects on wildlife and also opens up new northern sea routes and opportunities to drill for oil and gas under the newly accessible sea bed.

The reduction has been accelerating since the 1990s and many scientists believe the Arctic may become ice-free in the summers later this century, possibly as early as the late 2020s.
Keep an eye on this — and not for the obvious reason. Yes, Arctic summer ice will soon disappear completely. But there's another problem in that middle paragraph.

As we noted earlier, the Oil & Gas Barons (Our Betters) have 2795 gigatons of carbon reserves they're dying to sell to us. This is five times the carbon that, if it gets into the air, will move global warming beyond the 2°C (3.6°F) increase that we need to stay below.

Read that again. They already have five times the amount of carbon needed kill us — queued up and ready to go.

So what do you think the Oil & Gas Barons (Our Betters) think of the fact that global warming — of all things — is opening up the Arctic for more oil and gas exploration?

Mission Accomplished, of course. For them, it's an opportunity.

Watch as they clamor for the chance to get rich by accelerating the catastrophe they're causing. Watch as world-wide government types (eager retainers all) fall over themselves to enable the world-wide destruction. (I include Mr. Eager-For-Keystone Obama in this; I think he wants it as badly as anyone does.)

Remind me again — what does climate catastrophe look like? It looks like this.

These people are conscienceless. I mean that literally. They plan to make money till it kills us all. (I mean that literally too.)


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