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Of cats and dogs and Brie, a little Paris blogging

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I'm in Paris for my annual cat-sitting, scheming with Chris on AMERICAblog 3.0, and medical tourism.  I thought I'd share some random photos/thoughts from the past week.

Right before I left Chicago a few days ago, it was finally time for Sasha to get another haircut.  I like her hair long, but it tends to get a bit unkempt, owing to her half-terrier status (she's a Yorkie-Bichon mix).  That along with the 100 degree weather meant it was time for her summer cut.  I cut her back to about 1/4 inch, which I like (didn't at first, maybe I've gotten used to it).

Sasha pre-haircut:

Sasha post-haircut:

Sasha is not thrilled when I travel - either with her or without her.  She's gotten quite attached to me, as I'm told small dogs are bred to be.  That means it's hard for me to even go into the backyard, without her frantically searching for me through the window.

Upon arriving at Chris and Joelle's place in Paris, I was welcomed by my foster pets Sushi (the grey) and Nasdaq (the black).  Both cats know me well, and like me, though this was the first year that both decided to take up residence on my luggage at the same time.

Sushi was taking a respite from his other new favorite sleeping locale, the drawer in the kitchen (which was recently removed in order to be repaired - the stuff on the floor is the previous content of the being-repaired drawer).  Chris and Joelle's artist friend Serge painted their entire kitchen, and apartment, by hand (but with ornate designs in each room - the kitchen had, of course, a country food theme):

Another fun addition to a French kitchen is the toaster that's big enough to warm croissants and baguettes, but adjustable to do toast too (not that anyone here ever makes toast) - I've got three croissants in this thing in the photo:

Along the theme of food, here's Chris buying cheese at the cheese counter at the local supermarket, the Inno.  You can click the photo and see a much larger size.

This was a cute sign above the cheese counter.  It reads:

If I had a son
to marry off,
I would tell him:
the girl
who loves neither wine,
nor truffles,
nor cheese."

And this, below, is a screen capture of an episode of the Borgias I was watching last night.  (Great show.)  And who should appear but one of Chris and Joelle's neighbors here in Paris, Jemima West (playing Jeremy Irons' new love interest, Vittoria/Vittorio).  We're all good friends with her parents, and Chris and Joelle have known Jemima since she was a little girl.  I met Jemima a few years back.  Just a wonderful young woman - British by blood, French by birth, and a fascinating, beautiful mix of the two.  Jemima just got one of the lead parts in a new movie about vampires, called Mortal Instruments.  Keep an eye on this one, she's going places.

And here's another shot of someone who wishes I weren't going places.

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