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ObamaCare: A personal note

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Almost exactly a year ago my wife lost her job. As a result our family health insurance plan was terminated four days later and I had to scramble to convert a part time position without health care benefits into a position with benefits.

Without Obamacare 99% of the country is just one lost job, one medical emergency away from bankruptcy. And one frequently follows from the other.

Without insurance our family medical bill is in excess of $60,000 a year. That is a very large chunk of change even if you are a borderline 1%-er. It means that I have to continue to work just to keep our family health insurance. And not any job, it has to be a job with health care benefits.

People can argue that Obama could have got more or better. But the fact is that Obama delivered where Clinton failed and Bush never tried.

Update: Perhaps I should have mentioned that we live in Massachusetts where we have RomneyCare which will continue even if Romney succeeds in ending RomneyCare for the rest of you.

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