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Never before seen video of Orca attack at Sea World just released

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It gets wild about 1:30 into the video. This was just released via FOIA request. It's of a 2006 attack where an Orca grabbed a trainer's foot and pulled him under.  He finally got free, but has wounds to both feed, including some breaks. I've got the video and screen captures below.

The video is really quite horrifying but also fascinating. The man gets pulled under, then after a while the animal resurfaces and stays at the surface for a while, still holding his foot in its mouth. He keeps patting the animal, trying to calm it, occasionally the Orca pulls him under again, as his foot is still in its mouth, then you notice from a different camera angle that his foot is free yet he's still patting the animal. It's not clear why until you realize that he's seems to be slowly pushing the animal towards the entry ramp to the pool. Just as he gets close enough, he releases the Orca then runs for his life to get out of the pool. It's amazing.

Here's the video, then some screen caps for those who may not wish to watch the entire video:

Screen captures:

The orca pulls the trainer down further.
The orca then swims around with the trainer's foot still in his mouth.
Finally, the animal and trainer are on the surface - you
finally realize at one point that his foot is free.
The trainer keeps slowing pushing the orca towards the entry
to the pool. 
The trainer makes a break for it, just as the orca realizes
and starts to turn around.
The trainer swims frantically for the edge of the pool,
the orca now clearly following him.
He gets to the edge of the pool, orca still coming.
Another trainer reaches out to help him as he frantically
tries to get out of the pool with a broken foot, the orca is now
at the edge of the pool, but diving.
He's out, the orca has moved on.

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