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Mitt didn't build it: Romney took $1.5bn from USG for 2002 Olympics

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It seems that Mitt Romney, who of late has been crowing about the "fact" that lots of business ventures in America happen with absolutely no help from the government whatsoever (then once we get the name of the business we find out that they did in fact get government help), got his own help from the US government for the 2002 Olympics that Romney oversaw.  From Mother Jones:
As Romney chastises the president for pointing out that successful business ventures benefit from a larger social compact and accuses critics of pining for "free stuff," Romney is simultaneously touting an Olympic effort that, more than any other in American history, succeeded thanks to public investment—some of it sunk into questionable projects of marginal value to the Salt Lake games. "The $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars that Congress is pouring into Utah is 1.5 times the amount spent by lawmakers to support all seven Olympic Games held in the U.S. since 1904—combined," Donald Barlett and James Steele reported for Sports Illustrated in 2001. Those numbers were adjusted for inflation.

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