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Over here in waterlogged Paris, signs of summer are here. No, not the weather, because it's especially lousy this season with rain, rain, rain and for an added bonus, more rain. It's the autoroute becoming a parking lot with Dutch, Belgian, British, Danish and other drivers. This weekend is the first big travel weekend of the year when Europe comes to spend summer holidays in France.

Our little cat boy is about one month away from his radio iodine treatment and is making a strong recovery. After losing a lot of weight from his sickness (hyperactive thyroid) he's now gained back about one pound and is eating with a passion. We've had to switch him over to soft food because we also discovered that he has painful cystitis. Our little 18 pound cat girl Nasdaq (who John busted last summer) is going crazy because she's eager to dive into his food rather than her diet food. Ahhh, cats.

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