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NRA back in bed with ALEC

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From Media Matters (my emphasis and paragraphing):
In April, as corporate sponsors fled their organization in the face of pressure from liberal activists angry with the group's support of "Kill at Will" self-defense laws and voter ID bills, ALEC announced that they were disbanding their Elections and Public Safety Task Force, which worked on those issues. At the time, that task force's chair told Media Matters that such issues were no longer a priority for ALEC.

The NRA was reportedly extremely unhappy with ALEC's reaction to public pressure regarding the "Kill at Will" laws, which spread to dozens of states after ALEC adopted a model bill based on the Florida statute that was cited as an influence in the case of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

An NRA representative reportedly criticized the group for dismantling the task force during a meeting of conservative leaders, warning other participants that ALEC could flee from their issues as well.

But the continuation of the NRA's annual shoot at ALEC's annual meeting suggests that the two conservative groups have patched up their differences and are again working together to promote right-wing legislation.
What annual shoot?
According to [Center for Media and Democracy] "For the past several years, on the Saturday of ALEC's annual meeting, the NRA has regularly hosted an outing for ALEC legislators and lobbyists to go shooting together -- with complimentary guns and ammo plus plenty of food and drink (this time it is a barbeque)."
If the "annual shoot is on" I would guess the divorce is off. Friends forever.

UPDATE: I hope the progressive world realizes what an opportunity this is. The ALEC attack by Color of Change et al worked to create corporate defunding and exit because of the racism. Racism is apparently a bridge too far for corporate America these days. Good to know.

How about a similar move against NRA? They have funders, some very high-dollar.

We could: (1) Publicize that list, the money (if available), and ask the question "Is the NRA a racist organization?" (2) Pick one corporation (one with mainstream family-friendly cred and a neutral "brand" to protect) and target them, like with the ALEC targeting. (3) Publicize any exits we get and continue the drive.

It wouldn't kill the NRA, but it would put them on defense (for a damn change). Time to alter the momentum against those guys, say I.


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