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Duke Energy CEO resigns after 1 day, to receive up to $44 million

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Anyone want to take a guess why America's energy system is a mess? Maybe a Republican can explain about how efficient private industry is compared to government run organizations? Anyone?  From the Chicago Trib:
The decision by the 18-person Duke board, with 11 legacy Duke directors and seven Progress directors, to install Rogers as chief executive officer was "the most blatant example of corporate deceit that I have witnessed," Mullin wrote.

Duke declined to comment on Friday. Earlier in the week, the company and its lead director, Ann Maynard Gray, declined to give any further details about Johnson's resignation.

Under a non-disparage clause in the separation agreement, Johnson and Duke are not allowed to make statements that cast the other "in a critical or unfavorable light.
This is exactly the type of cronyism and corruption that is killing American business and equality. The corporate world needs as much reform as Wall Street but with election campaigns costing as much as they do, reform is not on the agenda.

How much do middle class workers make during such transitions? Just a guess, but it's probably less than the abusive $44 million.

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