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Dog nearly dies eating mushrooms, owners face $10k in medical bills

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Quite a moving story.  From CBS New York (they have a video of the news broadcast they did on this):
Sandy, a 13-week-old Golden Retriever, was rushed to the East End Veterinary Emergency Center after eating mushrooms from her backyard, CBS 2′s Carolyn Gusoff reported.

“We spent four days not sure she would make it,” said Sandy’s owner, Richard D’Alsace, of Manorville.

D’Alsace found mushrooms in his puppy’s mouth but didn’t think they were poisonous. By morning Sandy was vomiting and on the verge of kidney and liver failure, Gusoff reported

“She was practically on the verge of death,” said Dr. Gal Vatash of East End Veterinary Emergency Center.

After 10 days of blood transfusions and medication, Sandy is now well enough to go home. But the danger remains: poisonous mushrooms grow everywhere.
The owners have set up a Facebook page for Sandy, and are asking for donations. You can donate via this site. They're even happy to have the donations sent directly to the vet, so that, along with the CBS story, makes me think this is legit.  They posted a short, and heartbreaking video of the dog at the vet while she was still touch and go:

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