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Could Trevor Thomas have 'a substantial lead' over Steve Pestka in U.S. House race?

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You read the headline correctly. Trevor Thomas, real progressive and candidate for western Michigan's 3th-district House seat, may easily have a substantial lead over anti-woman Dem candidate Steve Pestka.

(Yes, in this year of Dem fundraising on the "War Against Woman" theme, Pestka is blatantly anti-woman — click to see why.) has the Trevor–Pestka polls story (h/t Towleroad):
A leading national pollster says underdog Democrat Trevor Thomas can move into a substantial lead in his primary showdown against Steve Pestka, if Thomas can raise the money to spread his message in the district.

Mark Mellman’s firm says a recent 400-person survey of registered Democrats shows Thomas with lower name recognition and overall favorability rating than Pestka.

But when presented with what the firm and the Thomas camp say is a fairly worded description of both men, Thomas surges to a 22-point lead from a 21-16 point deficit.

"Trevor Thomas has a fantastic opportunity to defeat Steve Pestka in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District in what begins as a close race with a huge number of undecided voters,” Mellman wrote in a memo to the Thomas campaign. "Our poll confirms Thomas has a powerful set of messages at his disposal if he can raise the funds to get that message out."
I've heard this in several places, that Pestka is fading and that Trevor has a terrific chance to win.

To do that though, he needs financial help. He needs your help, unless you've completely lost your faith.

There are three ways to do that:

1. Go to Thomas's campaign site:

2. Click the contribute link here (that classy thermometer you see to the right).

3. Take part in Howie Klein's opportunity to win amazing swag. The drawing for the Madonna platinum award plaque for Vogue will be this coming Thursday (July 5).

You can enter for this drawing by contributing through this ActBlue page.

Madonna not your cup of tea? There's more:
So you can still sign up for the Madonna platinum record here, the signed 2PAC book by Fred Johnson here or the Mr. Holland Opus signed script here.
Three ways to act; three ways to help a progressive brother try to move the needle your way.

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for considering this appeal.


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