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CERN finds Higgs Boson, Fox News blames Obama for losing it

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Happy Higgs Boson day. You can write your own fake Fox News take on the news if you like.

Today CERN announced the discovery of a new fundamental particle with properties consistent with it being a Higgs Boson. This is a huge achievement for CERN and the theory community if the particle is confirmed as the Higgs boson and an even bigger achievement for CERN otherwise as they have discovered something the theorists missed.

As someone who spent two years working at CERN, I am however a little disappointed at the way some of the US media have presented this as a European discovery and the choice of the 4th of July to make the announcement as a dig at the US. CERN is an international lab with people from every country with a high energy physics program. When I was there I worked with Australians, Indians, Pakistanis, Israelis and Americans. In fact the US pays for quite a large chunk of the CERN budget by buying into various experiments.

Update: Fixed the typo.

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