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CERN expected to announce discovery of Higgs Particle

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The establishment media is all a-twitter about the expected announcement that CERN has discovered 'trace evidence' of the existence of the Higgs Boson. Only instead of reporting that they are talking about the discovery of some 'God Particle' which is pure nonsense.

If it exists, there is nothing more or less remarkable about the Higgs particle than any other. The Higgs particle is a consequence of the Higgs field which mediates certain quantum interactions in a way that causes certain particles to have mass (or at least a mass-like property).

Far from being God-like, the Higgs particle is quite the reverse. According to most current theologies, God is omnipresent and immortal. The Higgs particle lasts for a billionth of a second (hardly immortal) and the only Higgs particles we have reason to believe exist were human-made.

While the discovery of the Higgs will (if confirmed) be an enormous achievement, it does not mean that that our theory of physics is complete. We won't even know if we have found the complete set of Higgs particles. At least not until we have found enough Higgs particle events to find out what they are and how they behave. In short the process of science, the process of skeptical inquiry based on empirical observation will continue.

Religious zealots hate science because it prompts people to ask skeptical questions. And the skeptical question that threatens them most is not 'does God exist' but whether God has chosen to speak through the likes of them as his interpreter.

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